A look at the devastating effects of earthquakes

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A look at the devastating effects of earthquakes

He described damage done by an earthquake inwriting that "only one masonry building had not collapsed" in Port-au-Prince; he also wrote that the "whole city collapsed" in the Port-au-Prince earthquake.

In addition to earthquakes, it has been struck frequently by tropical cyclones, which have caused flooding and widespread damage. The most recent cyclones to hit the island before the earthquake were Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricanes GustavHanna and Ikeall in the summer ofcausing nearly deaths.

The Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault zone runs along the two linear valleys at the top of the image The magnitude 7. Shaking damage was more severe than for other quakes of similar magnitude due to the shallow depth of the quake.

Wiggins-Grandison noted that the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault zone could be at the end of its seismic cycle and concluded that a worst-case forecast would involve a 7.

A UN representative reported that the aftershock collapsed seven buildings in the town. Further casualties are thought to have been minimal since people had been sleeping in the open.

Witnesses told reporters that the sea first retreated and a "very big wave" followed rapidly, crashing ashore and sweeping boats and debris into the ocean. This included all hospitals in the capital; air, sea, and land transport facilities; and communication systems.

Michel District Hospital in the southern town of Jacmel[51] which was the largest referral hospital in south-east Haiti. The main road linking Port-au-Prince with Jacmel remained blocked ten days after the earthquake, hampering delivery of aid to Jacmel.

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When asked why the road had not been opened, Hazem el-Zein, head of the south-east division of the UN World Food Programme said that "We ask the same questions to the people in charge They promise rapid response.

I can only think that their priority must be somewhere else. Fibre-optic connectivity was also disrupted. According to RSF, some 20 of about 50 stations that were active in the capital region before the earthquake were back on air a week after the quake.

In the nights following the earthquake, many people in Haiti slept in the streets, on pavements, in their cars, or in makeshift shanty towns either because their houses had been destroyed, or they feared standing structures would not withstand aftershocks.

Engineers have stated that it is unlikely many buildings would have stood through any kind of disaster.

Geologic Effects on Shaking

Structures are often raised wherever they can fit; some buildings were built on slopes with insufficient foundations or steel supports. The country also suffered from shortages of fuel and potable water even before the disaster. Although the president and his remaining cabinet met with UN planners each day, there remained confusion as to who was in charge and no single group had organized relief efforts as of 16 January.

By 14 January, a thousand bodies had been placed on the streets and pavements. Government crews manned trucks to collect thousands more, burying them in mass graves.

Everywhere, the acrid smell of bodies hangs in the air. You have to understand that the situation is true madness, and the more time passes, there are more and more bodies, in numbers that cannot be grasped. It is beyond comprehension.EARTHQUAKES AND THE END TIMES: A GEOLOGICAL AND BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE.

Steven A. Austin and Mark L. Strauss* Institute for Creation Research, PO Box , El Cajon, CA Table 1.

A look at the devastating effects of earthquakes

Numbers of M ³ earthquakes worldwide in the twentieth century. The numbers of earthquakes reported in the National Geophysical Data Center file called "EQ" greatly exceed those reported by Hal Lindsey from his unspecified U.S.

Geological Survey source. A seiche is the effect of the sloshing of water back and forth. A seiche can be caused by an earthquake and/or a tsunami. The earthquake from Alaska on March 28th, caused seismic waves that were so powerful that bodies of water oscillated in many places across North America.

Hydraulic fracturing (also fracking, fraccing, frac'ing, hydrofracturing or hydrofracking) is a well stimulation technique in which rock is fractured by a pressurized liquid.

The process involves the high-pressure injection of 'fracking fluid' (primarily water, containing sand or other proppants suspended with the aid of thickening agents) into a wellbore to create . The worst possible structure for earthquake regions is the unreinforced masonry (which is common in the St.

Louis area).

The nature of earthquakes

Estimating Hazards. Preparing structures (either new or old) for earthquakes is expensive and the level of investment is a social and political decision.

Watch video · While the magnitude earthquake didn’t break records in terms of its strength, it left behind a devastating impact on the loss of human life and a prolonged aftermath.

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