Gretel seymour essay iv revised

More Essay Examples on Literature Rubric A grown-up Gretel meets the witch in the forest and gropes in more darkness thereafter! An Elegy or a Quest? Who is that witch, is she her future tense? Is her cry is the precursor of her own?

Gretel seymour essay iv revised

Chicago, Illinois U. Contains personal and professional correspondence; manuscripts of speeches, articles, and other publications; laboratory notes; memoranda; sound recordings and photographs; personal documents; newspaper clippings; biographies and obituaries of Franck and others; medals, honorary degrees, and certificates.

Topics relate to laboratory data from the Franck-Hertz experiments, Franck's work on photosynthesis, the impact of politics and war on science, Franck's role in helping scientists expelled from Nazi Germany, the atomic scientists' movement regarding the development and control of atomic energy, and the Franck Memorial Symposium.

Also contains the "Franck Report" of Junein which Franck and other Chicago scientists urged that the atomic bomb be demonstrated to the Japanese before deployment. Information on Use The collection is open for research. Citation When quoting material from this collection, the preferred citation is: His father, Jacob Franck, was a banker who wanted his son to follow a business career in keeping with family tradition.

From childhood on, however, James could imagine no other life but science. An X-ray photograph illustrates his fascination with new discoveries in physics.

He had already read of Roentgen's X-ray photography when he broke his arm in A mere boy of thirteen, he went alone to a municipal physics laboratory for a demonstration of Roentgen's discovery on his broken arm, which he later proudly recalled was the first use of X-ray in Hamburg [Box 21, folder 9].

Despite these scientific interests, Franck was considered a very dull schoolboy, for success within the curriculum of the classical gymnasium depended on one of his weakest faculties, Gretel seymour essay iv revised memory. In his first year of studies at Heidelberg,Franck met Max Born and others who shared his love of science.

Born helped him persuade his parents to let him study physics, although at that time a scientific career offered little financial security. Inhe went to Berlin to study at the Friedrich Whilhelm University with some of Germany's most famous physicists, including Max Planck, whose formulation of the quantum in had given the new mechanics its names, and Emil Warburg, who became his thesis advisor.

Gretel seymour essay iv revised

Among the remains from his student days are his notes of Planck's lectures, entitled "Mechanik nach Planck. Berlin became the setting for important personal as well as professional developments in Franck's life.

Two daughters were born of this marriage, Dagmar on October 2,and Elisabeth on December 19, InJames Franck and Gustav Hertz began the study of elastic collisions between electrons and atoms. Their work led to the discovery of excitation potentials, the amount of energy which an electron must absorb before it can move further away from the nucleus of the atom.

Two laboratory notebooks, stamped "Dr. Hertz," contain data from some of these experiments [Box 11, folders 7, 8, and 9 Notebooks 5 and 6 ]. Both joined the German army. For his war service, Franck received the Iron Cross, first and second class, and the Hanseatic Cross of his native city, Hamburg [Box 21, folders 13 through 15].

His front line service ended in when he contracted severe polyneuritis affecting his legs [Box 21, folder 12]. After the war, Franck joined the faculty of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physical Chemistry in Berlin, where he continued the experiments which he had begun earlier with Gustav Hertz.

Gretel seymour essay iv revised

Franck's work in this period is represented by three folders of data from helium experiments he conducted with Paul Knipping and Fritz Reiche [Box 11, folders 10 through 12]. In their November 1,article in Physikalische Zeitscrift reporting some of the findings of these helium experiments, Franck and Knipping added to the vocabulary of physics the term "metastable" to describe an atom in a condition of marginal stability.

It was during these postwar years in Berlin that Franck met Niels Bohr and realized for the first time that the Franck-Hertz experiments of provided the first experimental evidence for Bohr's revolutionary and highly controversial atomic theory published in A lifelong friendship between Franck and Bohr developed from the respect the two scientists held for each other's work.

The Franck-Bohr correspondence dates from October 19, tothe year of Bohr's death [Box 1, folder 5]. The years he spent there were among the happiest and most productive of his life.

He was fortunate to have as colleagues Max Born and Robert Pohl, physicists who were also his longtime friends. Pohl, who had been a student with Franck in Berlin, held the professorship of experimental physics at the First Physics Institute [Box 20, folder 1 photograph ].

The reputation of the Physics Institutes also drew many foreign students. Blackett and Robert d'E. Gibson Winans, are represented in the Franck correspondence.

The pictures in Miss Sponer's album of group outings, parties at local inns, and afternoon coffees evoke the warmth and informality of Franck's relationships with his students.

Franck's international reputation was established during his years at the Second Physics Institute. In November,he received word that he and Gustav Hertz were to receive the Nobel Prize in physics. With this award, the Swedish Academy of Science gave recognition to the Franck-Hertz experiments which had led to the "discovery of the laws governing the collisions of electrons [with atoms].

InFranck placed his Nobel medal in an office safe at Niels Bohr's Institute for Theoretical Physics in Copenhagen, and apparently forgot to reclaim it when he emigrated to America the following year. The medal remained in the safe until April,when, to keep it from the invading German army, George de Hevesy converted it to powder along with Bohr's Nobel medal.

InBohr sent the gold dust from the two medals to the Nobel Foundation for recasting Box 5, folder 9. At the presentation of the recast medal inFranck said:Widger's Quotations from the Project Gutenberg Editions of the Works of Oliver W.

Holmes, Sr. (English) by Widger, David Widger's Quotations from the Project Gutenberg Editions of the Works of William Dean Howells (English). Gretel Seymour Essay IV Revised  My Goals for College Success Gretel Seymour Columbia Southern University My Goals for College Success First let me introduce myself my name is Gretel Seymour I am 48 years old and a Mother of 3 Adult children.

Every aspect of my life was, taken care of my children along with working two jobs. Project Gutenberg needs your donation! Revised Edition (English) by Catholic Colonization Bureau.

Catholic Colonization in Minnesota Revised Edition The Celtic Magazine, Vol I, No.

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IV, February A Monthly Periodical Devoted to the Literature, History, Antiquities, Folk Lore, Traditions, and the Social and Material Interest of the. Gretel Seymour Essay IV Revised  My Goals for College Success Gretel Seymour Columbia Southern University My Goals for College Success First let me introduce myself my name is Gretel Seymour I am 48 years old and a Mother of 3 Adult children.

Every aspect of my life was, taken care of my children along with working two jobs. Essay Samples; Gretel Seymour Essay IV Revised; Gretel Seymour Essay IV Revised.

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