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Myles Udland of Business Insider reports, Gundlach: The geopolitical consequences could be — to put it bluntly — terrifying. And all this as the Federal Reserve makes noise about raising interest rateshaving some in the market asking whether these external factors — what the Fed would call "exogenous" factors — will stop the Fed from changing its interest-rate policy for the first time in over almost seven years.

Gundlach presentation business insider inc

Returns are "actually better on an absolute risk-adjusted basis," he said.

'We are not really bullish on bonds.'

The German year yield is set to move higher when the European Central Bank starts tightening, he said. DoubleLine Capital You never get a recession with the leading indicator positive, Gundlach said.

But a couple of things are worth monitoring. DoubleLine Funds This, for example, "doesn't look good. But the Fed is moving in the other direction to lift rates further away from zero. Loan growth may get a boost in the fourth quarter from businesses that are rebuilding after the hurricanes, Gundlach said.

DoubleLine Funds "I'm going to let this mania go on without me," Gundlach said. But he noted he's argued with "smart" millennials about the cryptocurrency.

He said his year-old mom texted him with a link to a bullish article on bitcoin, asking whether she should buy as it moved higher. The US dollar index could go to as high as 97 before it moves another leg lower — just not now. A warning sign for stocks. Generally when you start to see weakness, it's foreshadowing potential trouble, Gundlach said.

It looks "terrible" from a valuation perspective. Gundlach says his Ira Sohn Conference trade recommendation is winning. He said he's not really fond of EM in the short term because he doesn't think the dollar is going to keep falling.

But emerging markets are attractive on a long-term basis.

gundlach presentation business insider inc

Here's a "weird pattern" that has Gundlach interested in commodities right now. DoubleLine Funds The valuation of commodities versus equities is "incredibly cheap.

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DoubleLine Funds It's flatter, but from a very high level, Gundlach said. This feels like the bottoming of yields in July Gundlach responded that he still thinks NLY is "fine if you're a long-term holder" and that the company is "very well run," adding that "insider buying of something that is rather opaque versus.

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Dec 09,  · Gundlach also highlighted some of the complications that the crash in oil prices could pose for the global economy.

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And of course, Gundlach staged a defense of his presentation's title. "It's always different," Gundlach said. Business Insider April 5, , PM GMT A woman stands in front of the logo of Snap Inc. on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) while waiting for Snap Inc.

to post their IPO, in.

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