Interview with a teaching professional

New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania? When you get a call from a school administrator inviting you to interview for a teaching job, how do you feel? Preparing for a teaching interview is a lot like studying for a test.

Interview with a teaching professional

In smaller regional centres, interviews may be held less frequently. How to book your interview You must book the date and location of your interview through the online GRP application process. The best time to attend an interview is when you are ready. You cannot cancel or rebook an interview within five days of the scheduled appointment.

You will need to contact interviews det. To view available interview times or amend your booking, you will need to retrieve your GRP application.

Preparing for your interview The selection criteria and interview questions will be based on the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching. During your interview you should reflect on your personal teaching philosophy, the department's policies, your knowledge of the current NSW curriculum and the department's child protection procedures in order to demonstrate your competence as a graduate teacher in relation to the Standards.

Interview with a teaching professional

You'll need to bring the following documents to the interview with you: You will be able to take these home with you Don't forget to present yourself professionally at your interview. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your skills and abilities as a teacher.

Your supporting statement You will need to bring a completed and signed supporting statement to your interview. The supporting statement should be prepared before your interview and should address the selection criteria.

In your supporting statement you should describe your personal qualities, teaching expertise, knowledge of curriculum and teaching methods as they relate to the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching.

Your statement must not exceed the space provided and you must complete the applicant details page. You will need to sign and date the statement before the interview.

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Following your interview If your application and interview are successful, you will receive full approval to teach with the NSW Department of Education.

Some applicants are not approved to be employed as a teacher in NSW public schools. The Teacher Approvals team will notify you via email of the recommendation your interviewer has made regarding your suitability for employment as a teacher.Assignment: Interview with a Teaching Professional Resources: Ch 2 in Introduction to Teaching Schedule a brief(minute) interview with a teacher or a teacher's aide.

The interview may be in person, by phone, via e-mail, or in an instant message chat. Interview 2 For my interview, I interviewed a teacher that I work with on every day. We work together in a high school Special Education class. The students that we have in our class are self contained math and resource math students.

A teaching philosophy is an explanation of your values and beliefs as they relate to teaching.

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Your philosophy is often a combination of methods you studied in college or graduate school and lessons learned during any professional experience since then.

Interview a Special Education Teacher and a Regular Education Teacher It would be very unlikely that you would ever hear a special education certified professional use the.

Interview with a teaching professional in your own words each answer should be about around words.. 1. What are some examples of typical, quick decision teachers make on a daily basis? Interview candidates at Professional Education Institute rate the interview process an overall neutral experience.

Interview candidates say the interview experience difficulty for Professional Education .

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